\ i-ˈlip-ti-kəl , e- \ \ ˈpa-tərn \

(1) : (of speech or writing) expressed with extreme or excessive economy;relieved of irrelevant matter

(2) : (of a style of speaking or writing) tending to be ambiguous, cryptic,or obscure

What is storytelling?

Puerto Rico. 2014. Early mists of the year. A young Puerto Rican decides to craft and create a space where he could voice his individuality whilst dis-arming the concept of visual storytelling. Armed with a simple yet unquenchable thirst, he roams through the world and meshes his passion for art, music, and literature into what was once a blank-page empire and now has become Elliptical Patterns: a conduit, a respite, a digital sea where creations come to hover and flee into a fleet of wondering eyes -- Welcome!

Hello… I am J Guillermo Paleo: your guide!

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