Élan Vital

Élan Vital


"Maybe it's true
They're staring at you
When you walk in a room"

-Arcade Fire's We Exist


Time and time again, I find myself...lost and scattered among the recesses of a sea of spectators who adhere my élan vital* through celluloid .... I am, ergo, I exist

Become memorablebreak the pattern: get recognized (without the rip)-- a feeling, nay, a mission statement the fine gentlemen over at Jack Erwin want to instill upon the modern man. No easy endeavor, dare I say. Yet, ever since they started in October of 2013 they have presented and stood true to their slogan: "A New Approach To Men's Shoes;" whether it's their Sullivan Collection, their Foster Collection, or their Wright Collection you can always see and feel how committed they are, as a company, to give you the best and bigger bang for your buck. But don't let my words cloud your judgement, scroll down the page and watch Jack Erwin's Adam Wingtip Oxford do his work: help me stall out! 

For more on Jack Erwin, I recommend you check out their website where you can find all kinds of interesting reads: from their Approach to their Journey. And if that isn't enough, make sure you follow them on their Social Media feeds: Instagram (@thejackerwin), Twitter (@jackerwin), and Facebook.

*Élan Vital: the creative force within an organism that is responsible for growth, change, and necessary or desirable adaptations.

Photographs by: Henry J. Rivera

Words by: J. Guillermo Paleo


What I Wore:

Blazer: Zara

Shirt: Banana Republic

Tie: Banana Republic

Pocket Square: Bedford & Broome's Norfolk Pocket Square

Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding

Watch: Daniel Wellington's Classic St. Andrew's (Rose Gold)

Pants: Gap

Belt: Gap

Socks: Forever 21

Shoes: Jack Erwin's Adam Wingtip Oxford (Chestnut)