I would like to abuse my lungs and smoke your existence, until losing myself in the rapture of intimacy; thus, materializing into recycled air...all before the saints reincarnate into their lost causes and my sins come looking for last year's rent. I want every breaking wave of thorns and scars to appraise (my) every syllable until they converse and ripe into lullabies of innocence and desire stolen from a coalition of thirsty lips that ache to coalescence with my Faith's villainy. I would like to collude with my Fate's intentions: h(a)unt You: scratch every crevice, bury myself in the rhythm of Time's fiction, drown my flesh in the crown of Babylon's glory and watch beauty sing from the trenches of its wreckage...


Photographs by: Henry J. Rivera

Words by: J Guillermo Paleo

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