Runaways • Heartbreaks • {DREAMERS}

Runaways • Heartbreaks • {DREAMERS}


...amid the ruins.

We rose from the ashes of our vices. With heavy hearts, we became One. Undimmed by Faith, unbound by Fate. A dustland fairytale...a masquerade...a tidal wave: a blessed curse, subverted into (our) Reality. The world stood (faraway, yet so close!) from the demons and the spirits we drowned from (our) Memory. We laid our bodies down in Silence and saw the Vow break into the crossfire. Strong and Wasted. Lost among the golden light. Holding each other's desires and oaths. We colored the void of our fantasies and voiced one last request: "Hurry up....we're dreaming..."



Photographs by: Henry J. Rivera 

Words by: J. Guillermo Paleo




Jacket: Material Girl

Dress: Seven by Lu

Sunglasses:zeroUV's Retro P3 Horned Rim Frame Revo Mirror Lens Sunglasses 8829 (Frost Fire)

Necklaces: PacSun

Cuff: Lucky Brand

Socks: Ralph Lauren

Boots: PacSun


Jacket: Aeropostale

Shirt: Vans Flamingo Short Sleeve Woven Shirt

Sunnies: zeroUV's Vintage Inspired Dapper Flat Top Square Aviator Sunglasses 9484 (Tortoise Gold Green)

Watch: Far Out West

Jeans: PacSun's Bullhead Co Drake Skinniest Pico Jeans (Dark Indigo)

Socks: Forever 21

Shoes: Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Classic (White)