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HOME l LAND : 4th of July


"Come on now, celebration
Let's all celebrate and have a good time
We gonna celebrate and have a good time"

-Kool & The Gang's Celebration


If there is something New York knows how to do is build and nest talent...

Not too along we talked about the fine men who hone and harvest their talents on the corner of modern and innovation. Yes, I’m talking about New York-based Bedford & Broome -- of which, if you haven’t visited and perused through their online shop or blog, The Vitruvian Man, then I suggest you do, now more than ever. Why? I explain: as proud Americans these dapper gentlemen have come up with a two-fold collection for the modern man: JULY 4TH STARS & STRIPES COLLECTION - a collection that not only makes you look and scream-in-pride “I’m an American, damnit!,” but one that makes you look damn awesome doing so without breaking the bank.

Therefore, this 4th of July make sure you welcome our American Independence with the best attire and, like Kool & The Gang, "Celebrate good times" in style! Because this is America...the home of the brave and the dapper! 

(Cue the eagle and the fireworks...damnit!)