.:C A D E N C E:.

.:C A D E N C E:.


I am a lowborn who dreamt in heist under the cadence of a Twillory. Dressed in its poplin Pink Plaid I foraged through the empty waste-land. Felt its fabric breathe and caress-through my naked chest as I conspired around the city....sitting, waiting, watching the world turn under its charm in awe and rapture...Spellbound.

Photographs by: Henry J. Rivera 

Words by: J. Guillermo Paleo


What I Wore:

Blazer: Zara

Shirt: Twillory's Pink Plaid

Tie: Banana Republic

Tie Clip:  The Tie Bar

Pocket Square: Tommy Hilfiger

Sunnies: SEE Eyewear

Watch: Daniel Wellington's Classic St. Andrew's (Rose Gold)

Jeans: Gap

Belt: Gap

Shoes: Jack Erwin's Adam Wingtip Oxford (Chestnut)